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Sponsorship Guidelines

WHRO FM/TV Public Media Creative Guidelines

The guidelines for corporate messages on WHRO's public broadcasting stations leave ample room for  creativity and stylishness. Many companies run their existing spots on our air. Others find that a small change in voiceover is all it takes to  fit the non-promotional environment of Public Broadcasting.

Your credit may:

  • Describe your business
  • Describe your corporate mission
  • Identify products and/or services
  • Use an established  slogan
  • Use an 800 #
  • Make an association between your company and the program

To maintain public broadcasting's non-commercial  character, the FCC has determined that sponsor credits may not:

  • Use comparative or qualitative language (Efficient, economical,  dependable, prompt, leading, reliable, excellent)
  • Offer price,  discount or financing information (Offering a discount, financing is  available)