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Point, Click and Contribute Winners

Leadership Circle member Chris Rennix was the winner of the Nov/Dec drawing for the Decorum chair.


Leadership Circle members Jeff and Nancy Burton won the TV, Blu-ray and surround sound system from the Sep/Oct drawing.


Maria Tirado won the Grill and Chill Package in the June 2013 PCC.


The April 2013 winner was Joseph Arida.  He won the iPad Mini and two loaded iPod Nanos.


December 2012 PCC Winner
December 2012 PCC Winner of the iPad Mini – Heide Walker


Sept/Oct 2012 PCC Winners
Sept/Oct 2012 PCC Winner for the Royal Caribbean Cruise – Michael and Carolyn Ferguson


August 2012 PCC Winner
August 2012 PCC Winner for an iPad – Helen Johnson