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Tribute Gifts

Your thoughtful donation is a meaningful way to honor or remember someone special.  Tribute gifts are a good way to celebrate a birthday, wedding, graduation or any special occasion. They also serve as a special expression of sympathy by honoring the memory of a friend or relative. Tribute gifts can honor someone you admire, respect, or want to remember in a meaningful way.

Memorial and Honorary Gifts to WHRO include:

  • Designating WHRO as your memorial beneficiary
  • Remembering a loved one or friend
  • Paying honor or tribute to a loved one on Mother's Day, Father's Day or Veteran's Day
  • Celebrating special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries
  • Acknowledging achievements like graduations and retirements
  • Recognizing any occasion that might be special or meaningful

Memorial or Honorary Gifts are placed in WHRO’s Endowment making them gifts that keep on giving. Gifts of any size help sustain the future of the quality programs and experiences you have come to expect and ensure that generations to come will have access to the same standards.

A number of payment options are available to easily facilitate the One-Time Gift including; cash, checks, credit card, and stock transfers. Gifts may be completed over a one year time frame through installment payments or payroll deduction.

Please consider WHRO when making your Memorial or Honorary Gifts.