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Color Print Ad Sizes

  • One-eighth Page Ad:   2.5” (width) x 4.85” (height)
  • One-quarter Page Ad:   5” (width) x 4.85” (height)
  • One-Half Page Ad:  7.75” (width) x 4.875” (height)
  • Full Page Ad:   7.75” (width) x 10” (height)


Acrobat PDF Files

  • Advertisements should be submitted as PDF files whenever possible.
  • PDF files can be created using Acrobat Distiller by first creating a postscript file and then distilling it. For best results use the Distiller “Press Quality” job options to create a good high resolution PDF file intended for printing on any printing press.
  • Exported PDF files from Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator are also fine to submit. Choose “Press Quality” when exporting.
  • Files should be submitted as CMYK. Any file submitted with RGB, Lab, or Pantone color spaces included will be automatically converted to CMYK. We are not responsible for any color shifts if files are not submitted as CMYK.
  • Check your job options before distilling/exporting. Do not use the “Smallest File”, “Standard”, “High Quality Screen”, or “Print” job options. By default, these will overwrite any color settings you used in your desktop application and will change all text and graphics to LAB or RGB mode.
  • Avoid sending PDF files created with PDF Writer. These files do not contain all of the postscript information needed to process properly. Text and graphics are converted to RGB and will fail in our preflight process. We are not responsible for ads outputting incorrectly if we are forced to use these files.
  • PDF files must be composite files – do not send separated PDF files for color ads.


Photoshop settings for images:

Coated paper stock is typically used in magazines and is not very absorbent, and therefore images with higher line screens and higher ink densities can be used for these publications.

  • Image Resolution (color and grayscale) . . . 300 DPI
  • Line Screen . . . 200 LPI
  • Image File Formats . . . TIFF, EPS, PSD, JPG (maximum quality), PDF
  • Maximum Ink Density (total ink limit) . . . 300%
  • NOTE: 72 DPI web images do not provide enough resolution for optimal reproduction; images will look “pixelated” when printed.


Ad Submission Deadlines

IssuePrint Ad Due
JanuaryNovember 15
FebruaryDecember 15
MarchJanuary 15
AprilFebruary 15
MayMarch 15
JuneApril 15
JulyMay 15
AugustJune 15
SeptemberJuly 15
OctoberAugust 15
NovemberSeptember 15
DecemberOctober 15


Late ads with problems or last-minute changes increase the chance of print error. Please make every effort to deliver your materials on time and to our specifications.

Any ad intervention requested by the advertiser and/or required by our printer may result in additional charges to the advertiser