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Anonymous (41)
Kay W. Abiouness
Ms. Lynn O. Adams
Major General Celia L. Adolphi and Dr. Ronald L. Adolphi
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ahart
Robert Ake and Joyce Neff
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Alcorn
Mr. and Mrs. Ben L. Allbrandt
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Alvers
Ms. Lorrie J. Ames
Mr. David H. Armstrong
Ms. Kathleen H. Ashby
Nancy and Reed Atkins
Ann Atkinson
The Bales Family Foundation
Mrs. Robin D. Baliles
Ms Susan M. Banning
Mrs. Linda J. Banyay
Vern and Nancy Barham
Jayne W. Barnard
Virginia B. Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Francois Barthelemy
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Baur
Kirsten H. Bech and Karl E. Wingenbach
Dave and Pam Belote
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Berg
Mr. Garrett G. Berger
Michael and Brenda Bergevin
Gary Bergtholdt
Mr. Jeff Betz
Dr. and Mrs. Herb Bevan, MD
Mr. Adam J. Bierbauer
Nash and Vickie Bilisoly
George and Sue Birdsong
Ms. Suzan Bistrup
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Blackwood
Mr. and Mrs. David Blakey
Dr. Olwyn M. Blouet and Mr. Brian W. Blouet
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Bolander
Catherine Bond
Ms. Carol Bonser
Dr. Theodora P. Bostick
Ms. Linda C. Bottoms
Leslie Bowie
Mr. Stephen W. Boyce
Kathleen S. Boyer
Ed and Linda Bradley
Andy and Ann Bradshaw
Mr. James R. Branstetter
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Broadhurst
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Brodsky
Mr. Clarence H. Brooks
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas T. Brown
COL Rebecca L. Brown and COL Lyle S. Eesley, USAF RET
Mr. and Mrs. Monte E. Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Burke
Ms. Pat Butler and Mr. Dennis G. Hustead
Mrs. Marilyn B. Buxbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Keith J. Byers
Mrs. Mary Ann Q. Bynum
LTC (Ret.) and Mrs. William G. Byrne, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Craig N. Canning
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Carbone
Sue M. Carroll
Nancy Cherry and David Zimmer, CPA
JoAn H. Chever
Joe Chop
Ann W. Christie and Joseph Korbe
Mrs. Edith M. Chutkow
Ms. Joy A. Cipriano and Mr. Jeffrey A. Kaye
Ms. Doris J. Clevenger
Mr. David R. Coffield, Jr. and Dr. Marti C. Coffield
Ronnie Cohen and Ron Herzick
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Comer
Mrs. Marjorie Conage
Mrs. Deborah W. Conley
Mr. and Mrs. William Conley
Anne Conner
Dr. Marcia Conston
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Conway
D & E Conwell
Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Cooke
Mr. and Mrs. Colby B. Cooper
Kathryn Copeland
Craig and Corrie Corey
Dr. and Mrs. George W. Cornell
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Cornett
Mr. Richard L. Cottingham
Tim and Betty Wade Coyle
Mike Cree and Kristin Lindsey
Charles and Ginny Crone
Harry and Lisa Cross
Jim and Karen Crowley
Dr. Benjamin E. Cuker & Dawn D. Gerbing
Dr. Stephen G. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Curtis, Jr.
Kim and Keith Curtis
Matthew Dalton and Luis Estrada
Robert L. Daniel, Ph.D.
Dr. Mona J. Danner
Carol Webb Darden
Dr. and Mrs. Chris Dassler
Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. Daugherty
Philip and Kathleen Davenport
Mike and Kyle Davila
Ms. B. Anne Davis
Mr. Brian C. Davis
Laura M. Davis
Mrs. Patricia Deepak
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Delacey
John G. and Frances Bracken Delker
Richard and Susan Desilets
Dr. and Mrs. Brian D. Deutsch
Drs. Carl and Cindy Devore
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Dickinson
Dr. Deborah M. DiCroce
Dennis and Judy Dicus
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Diehl
Glenn and Esther Diskin
Greg and Amy Dodd
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dodson
Dr. Jay and Mary Donlan, Jr.
CAPT Jim and CAPT Kathy Donovan, USN (Ret)
Mr. John S. Dorst
Jim and Katherine Douglas
Bill and Sandy Doyle
Mr. John W. Drescher
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Drewry
Mr. Richard A. Drumwright and Mrs. Pearle M. Windle
Mrs. Beth Drylie
Ms. Katherine J. Dutlinger
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Dwoyer
John and Layne Dyer
Mr. Travis R. East
Jim and Marty Easton
Mrs. Wanda H. Eberle
Barbara Eberly and David Eberly
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Eich
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Einhorn
Mrs. Susan Einhorn
Mrs. Lynn H. Ellis
Ms. Elise L. Emanuel and Mr. David Scherer
Mrs. Emily Eure
Carol E. Evans
Susan and Larry Evans
Clifton J. Everton, III
Ms. Beth Ewing
Christine Faia and Franz Gross
Mr. John D. Fallon
Mr. Dwight L. Farmer and Ms. Kelli E. Arledge
Dr. Evan Farmer and Dr. Antoinette Hood
John C. Farnandez, Jr.
Mrs. Lynn Feigenbaum
Camden and Debra Fine
Jeff and Diane Fine
Ms. Kathryn E. Fine
Ms. Denise J. Fisher
Ms. Jodi Fisler and Mr. BJ Pryor
Dr. Heidi K. Flatin
Ms. Dena Flora
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Forbes
Joseph S. Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Fort
Mr. Darryl E. Foytik
Col. and Mrs. Robert E. Frady, USAF (Ret.)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Frazier, Jr.
Terry L. Freel
Dr. and Mrs. Gil Frey
Ms. Cheryl Furlong
Dr. Elbert E. Gaither
Paula L. Galbraith
Dr. Kevin L. Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Gambrell IV
Ms. Faye Petro Gargiulo
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Garrett
Jason Geddes
Mark and Ulla Geduldig-Yatrofsky
Mrs. Cherie H. Geiger
Ms. Barbara A. Geraghty
Mr. Daniel T. Giel
Mr. Richard B. Giffin and Ms. Patrizia A. Zorzoli
Gwen Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. James Gildea
Terry and Sharon Gingras
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Girardin
Goldman Family Charitable Fund
Mrs. Rosemary V. Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. Croxton Gordon
Ellin B. Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Gottlieb
Cdr. Donald Grady
Dr. Barry K. Graham
Bob and Lynn Grandle
Cy and Edith Grandy
Phillip D. and Lorraine R. Granger
Thomas Graper and Rebecca Peppard
Mr. H. Carlyle Gravely
Ms. Susan Gregg
Dr. Edna A. Griffenhagen and Mr. Mark A. Waller
Eric and Hui Mei Grove
Kasia Grzelkowski
The Family of Carter T. Gunn
Ms. Priscilla L. Guthrie
Mike and Ruth Haas
Louis and Mary Haddad Foundation
Guy and Andrea Hagen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Haigh
Adolphus Hailstork, Ph.D.
James and Helen Haluska
Dr. Jennifer Hanner and Mr. Brendan Tompkins
Robert and Nancy Harding
Robert and Carol Harman
Michael T. Harrison, Sr.
Beth F. Haskell
John J. and Lynn Heimerl
Stephanie K. Heller
Ted and Pam Henifin
Ms. Anne W. Henry
Drs. Louis H. and Judi D. Henry
Dr. Olwen E. Herron
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Heyman
Mark and Meghan Higgins
Dr. Douglas W. Higinbotham and Dr. Marcy L. Stutzman
Rev. and Mrs. Richard Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Paul O. Hirschbiel, Jr.
Jim Hixon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hofheimer, Jr.
H. Dieter and Mary Elizabeth Hoinkes
R. W. Hollingsworth
Ms. Catherine N Holloway
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Holt
Margaret Reynolds Holt
Warren and Lucy Hottle
Lee and Paula Hougen
Dr. Robert E. Howard, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Howe, III
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby L. Hughes
Sally and Larry Hull
Susan Speers Hume
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Hunt
Mr. Claus Ihlemann and Mr. Robert Roman
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Inge
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Ingraham
Mr. Bruce A. Jacobson and Dr. Katherine A. Rowe
Mrs. Nancy S. Jacobson
Mr. Kevin Janney
Mr. Brooks Johnson and Ms. Germaine Clair
Ms. Delores R. Johnson
Robert and Lisa Johnson
Dr. Rolland P. Johnson
Janet and Tim Jonas
Mrs. Barbara A. Jones
Irby and Martha Jones
Dr. Raymond T. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Jones, Jr.
Mr. Joseph E. Jordan, Jr.
Ms. Heather L. Jordan Khan
Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Judd
Dr. William Q. Judge and Susan Engle
Dr. Daniel Jungkuntz and Ms. Patricia McClelland
Dr. David L. Justis and Ms. Nuala C. Galbari
Mr. Stephen Kadar
Dr. Larry H. Kagan and Diana S. Eyre
Mrs. Kathleen W. Kane
Mr. and Mrs. J. Jerry Kantor
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Keever
Bill Kellam
Christopher and Lydia Kennedy
Dr. Dawnielle J. Kerner
Uday Khambhammettu and Olena Ivanova
Michael Khandelwal
Ms. Nancy E. Kight
Ms. Sung Mi Kim
Ms. Carol D. King
Dr. Michelle Kingsbury and Mr. John B. Walker
Bernie Kirsch and Donna Morris
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Kitay
Karen E. Klemonski
Mr. Richard Knox
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen K. Knudson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Koach
Ms. Denise W. Koch
Dr. Venu Koduri and Dr. Prashanthi Koduri
Mrs. Constance R. Koenenn
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Kohlenhoefer
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Koivisto
Albert and Wendy Konikoff
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Kranbuehl
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Kreger
Mr. and Mrs. Karl C. Kronmann
Ms. Scott Laine
Martha and Ken Lambert
Peter and Lea Laplace
CAPT Keith and Judy Larson
The LaVier Family
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Lawrence
The Robert A. Lawson, Jr. Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Leach
Dr. and Mrs. Stgeorge T. Lee, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Leger
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leggett
Mr. David B. Lego
Edward and Ruth Legum Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Lendman
Dr. Meryl Lessinger-Bely and Mr. Nikolaj Lessinger-Bely
Penny Lewis
Chris and Ron Lewis
Penny Lewis
Dr. Lenard J. Lexier and Dr. Wendy Lexier
Angelica and Henry Light
Janet W. Lilley
Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Lilly
Ms. Linda A. Linzey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Nathalia Loomis
Al Louer
Dr. and Mrs. Donald F. Lynch, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Machupa
Dr. Ellen R. Mahon
Dr. Pramod Malik and Dr. Rajul Malik
Dr. and Mrs. Chad R. Manke
Tom Mansbach
Sallie Marchello and Tom Morehouse
Drs. Harold and Stephanie Marioneaux
Ms. Ann R. Massey
Dr. and Mrs. Dwight F. Matthias
Dr. and Mrs. William H. McAllister
Michael S. and Elaine S. McBeth
Tim and Renee McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. McCracken
Mr. Greg McCreash
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick B. McDermott
Ms. Genemarie W. McGee
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Mcintosh
Mr. Matthew W. McKeon and Mr. Vince Zentner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Melton
Mr. John Mercogliano, III
Ms. Miriam B. Meredith
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Messner
Kathleen F. Michaels
Anthony and Patricia Michura
Mr. Stephen B. Middlebrook
Dr. and Mrs. Julius S. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Miner, Jr.
Michael Minter
Dr. Carolyn S. Moneymaker
Breck and Mary Montague
Dr. Martha Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. Will M. Moore, Jr.
Jerry S. Whitlock and Judith M. Morales-Whitlock
Ms. Rosemarie B. Morehead
Dr. José M. Morey
Mr. Peter W. D. Morford
John R. and Pollie W. Morison
Susan Mulnix
Mr. Jeffrey A. Murphy
Susan and Arthur Nalls
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Neff
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Nelson
Ms. Marilyn F. Nendza and Ms. Janet M. Marszalek
Dr. William L. Alexander, Ph.D. and Dr. Cassandra L. Newby-Alexander, Ph.D.
Revs. James and Janell Nickols
Mrs. Jane C. Nohava and Mr. David H. Paige
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Northam
Mr. Michael L. Norton
Dr. Carol W. Nottingham
Dr. Jim Nottingham
Carolyn O'Connor
Eileen A. Olds
Catherine J. Ortiz
Jim and Mary Osborn
Mike Oshiki and Ginger Eagle
CDR John P. O'Sullivan
Ellen S. Papetti
Beverley Parrish
Ms. Cari C. Parrish
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Partin
Mr. Hugh L. Patterson
Capt. and Mrs. Bob R. Patton
Mr. Martin A. Payne and Mrs. Betty B. Payne
Mr. Stuart E. Perritt and Mrs. Emily W. Wells-Perritt
Mr. Alan Phillips
RADM Ann C. Phillips, USN (Ret.) and CAPT Luis A. Boticario, USN (Ret.)
Dr. Christine Philput and Mr. Donald Philput
The Honorable Von L. Piersall, Jr.
Mr. Lamont Poole and Ms. Penny Oots
Ms. Sharon D. Potter
Ms. Teresa M. Potter
Mr. Daniel Price
Ms. Rebecca J. Price
Deborah Prince
Todd and Kate Pringle
Ms. Helen L. Quinby
Mr. Ralph Rabinowitz
CAPT Robert Rabuse, USN (Ret.)
Mrs. Juanita Raisor
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Reed
Mr. Neil Reed
Pamela A. Reiss
Jack and Connie Reitz
Robert and Alisha Renshaw
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Richards
Dr. and Mrs. Donald W. Richardson
Todd and Isabelle Ricks
Dan and Nancy Ries
Mr. Arthur R. Robb, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. James T. Roberts
Mrs. Iva E. Robinett
Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Robinson
Shirley G. Roby
Nancy Rogan
CAPT and Mrs. David C. Rollins, USN (Ret.)
Ms. Nancy Ronald and Mr. Ron Hartshorn
Meredith and Cindy Rose
Robert and Constance Rowan
Mr. Carl F. Roy
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Rudiger
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Russell
Mr. Thomas M. Russo
Mrs. Simone C. Ryan
Col. and Mrs. Richard Rybak, USAF (Ret)
Mr. Jeffrey P. Sarmonis
Drs. George and Barbara Sarris
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford F. Sauer
Elmer W. Sawyer
Ms. Joyce L. Scheimberg
Larkin and Danny Schmidt
Ms. Lynn Schoenbaum
Mrs. Miriam Seeherman
Ellen Sell
LTC and Mrs. Steven W. Senkovich, USA (Ret.)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Serafini
Peggy Shackelford
Mr. and Mrs. Roland T. Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Sheeler
Dr. Anne R. Simpson
The Honorable Robert L. Simpson, Jr. and Mrs. Ann-Meade B. Simpson
Marcy and Hunter Sims
Mr. Jae Sinnett
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sobocinski
Amy and David Sokol
Todd and Jenifer Solomon
Mr. Paul Sorensen
Mark Sorin, DDS and Linda Ferro
Mr. Jerome Sovich and Ms. Lin Fwu-ding
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Spence
Beth and Scott Stabler
Mrs. Brenda H. Stafford
Sherry I. Stair
Mrs. Diane Stallings
Mrs. Eleanor M. Stanton
VADM and Mrs. H. Denby Starling II, USN (Ret.)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Stasulis
Mr. Timothy A. Steenhoven
Ed and Jane Stein
Michael and Dee Sterling
Greg and Cynthia Stillman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stitt
Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Stockmeyer
Ms. Ann P. Stokes
Dr. and Mrs. Parker R. Stokes
Cindy and Bob Stoothoff
Timothy and Kayrin Stovall
Dr. and Mrs. Kurt F. Strosahl
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Sutelan
Mr. and Mrs. David Sutelan
CAPT Robert Swain, USCG (Ret.)
Mr. William T. Swartz and Ms. Susan M. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon T. Swiger
Ms. Carol H. Taaffe
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis J. Taylor
Mr. Patrick Tedesco
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Thomas
Michael and Johanna Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Thomson
Ms. Virginia T. Thumm and Mr. David L. Mayfield
Mr. Richard B. Thurmond
Dr. Terryl and Mrs. Sheri Times
Christine and Randolph Tompkins
Mr. Guy K. Tower and The Hon. Winship C. Tower
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Traweek
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Trimble, Jr.
Mr. Philip F. Upton and Mrs. Virginia Bosher
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Urbi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. van den Berg
Mr. Phillip D. VandenBerg
Gary and Annette Van Derveer
Ms. Julia Varbalow
Dr. Ana Vazquez-Morina
Phyllis Vinson
Mr. and Mrs. John Wadsworth
Dr. and Mrs. Alan L. Wagner
Mr. Donald Walker
Phyllis B. Wallace
George and Janis Walsh
Mr. M. Coleman Walsh, Jr.
M. Patricia Walsh
Clara Liesmann Warren
Larry and Jane Waters
Drs. Katherine and Graham Watson
Ms. Ofelia Wattley
Mr. Elemuel A. Watts
Merry and Tom Watts
Bruce and Holly Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Webster
Jim Weigl
Daxton Edward Weiss
Dr. Nancy M. Welch
Mr. Jason Wells
Nick and Ginny Werner
Drs. Jacob and Tricia Wessler
Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. West, Jr.
Mr. Timothy M. Wheeler
Ms. Carmella S. Whitaker
David and Cathy White
Mr. and Mrs. James A. White
Ms. Joyce Faye B. White
George and Kim* Whitfield
Fred and Bev Whitley
Rev. Carolyn C. Wiggins
Dr. Clyde W. Wilcox
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Wilkinson
Bill and Barbi Willey
Dr. and Mrs. Armistead J. Williams
Ms. Deborah K. Williams
Gale Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Rolf A. Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Williams
Kaye and Bill Williamson
Margaret and Pete Williamson
Woods and Chrissy Williamson
Mrs. Sharon Willoughby
Mr. and Mrs. Blair Wimbush
Darlene and Rich Wisniewski
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Wood
Joyce and Bill Wooldridge
Mr. John R. Worstell
Betty E. Wrightson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Wyckoff
J. P. Yancey Foundation
Ms. Anne E. Young
Elizabeth Young and Robert Lovell
Hazel and Mike Zamperini
Mr. and Mrs. G.M. Ziller, Jr.